Kunwaral ngudde ke kuwukku  Yiman kayime mandule manmakkayken  Werrk yimray wanjh, wardi kawaralyakmen  Namekke kunwaral kunkudji ngadjalyime marnedjare wanjh bonj
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Kunwinjku poem, translated by : Murray Garde (Australian National University, Canberra)

Translation of the love poem into kunwinjku (gunwinggu), an Australian aboriginal language which count 2,000 speakers in the north of the country. There is unfortunately no word for "mirror", Murray Garde therefore used "reflection of your image in water". It was James Cook who discovered Australia in 1770, and the aborigines who had lived there for 40,000 years, were repulsed by whites in the most desert regions of the country. These hunter-gatherer peoples, which today make up only 1% of the population, are concentrated mainly in the north of the country.
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