Haau a fofoga i loto he fakaata  Fulufuluola lahi ke he haaku a tala ku  Ti, fakaave neke mole  Fakahikuaga haaku fakavihi e loto kia koe
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Niuean poem, translated by Ahitautama

Niuean (niue) love poem, for a nice translation into a Polynesian language. The girls of Niue (Savage) live on this coral island isolated in the Pacific, between the Tonga and Cook archipelagos. Niue is associated with New Zealand. Niue is the country of this poem and Alofi the capital where, you live, and with you, they will be less than 1000 Polynesians, to be able to understand it! The vagahau niue is the official Oceanic language of Niue state. It is thought that it was populated first by a Polynesian wave coming from Samoa then by another from Tonga.
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