To 'oe hoho'a i roto i te hi'o hipa, O ta'u pehepehe nehenehe roa a'e ia, A ha'ape'epe'e ra no te mea te ma atu ra, O ta'u tapa'o here hope'a te reira.
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Tahitian poem, translated by of the love poem Paloma

My short love poem in its Tahitian version (Reo Tahiti). Vahiné of sandy beaches, the ocean is the mirror of your poem. You are, in all the imagination of the metropolis. Gauguin and so many others have celebrated you. An airplane flies at sunrise to France, but tomorrow the blue waters of your lagoon await you ... so what will you choose? Tahitian, the official Polynesian language in French Polynesia, is spoken by 70,000 people. In Tahiti the islands are as magnificent as those which inhabit them. The sea then the sun, lick then tenderly dry their pareos.
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