Tokelauan love poem


Ko to atata ite fakaata

E fiafia au kiei ma toe aulelei

Kae vave mou atu

Ko taku toe tala mo koe taku pele..'Ko au e alofa atu'

Translated into Tokelauan by Noela Iona
Tokelauan love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Tokelau and Tokelauan

Tokelau (Tokelauan), is the Polynesian language of the Tokelau islands or Union, ia language which could be compared to the Tuvaluan. It is estimated that less than 4,000 people speak this official language in Tokelau islands, that are a dependency of Samoa. This small archipelago (10 km²) of Polynesia is composed of three atolls (Atafu, Fakaofo, Nukunono). Its inhabitants are Polynesians who export copra.

Tokelauan, which is also spoken in the Swains Islands, and by expatriates in New Zealand, is considered by UNESCO to be an endangered language. Many of its speakers who are leaving their islands threatened by global warming, gradually forget their language in favor of that of their host country (generally New Zealand). It should be noted that Tokelau is written with a Latin alphabet which count only fifteen letters.

She wants truth

For her, my love poem translated into Tokelauan! "Ko au e alofa atu", that is what she would like to be told, yes that she would like to be told, but in a sincere way, because she has already heard too many words that were false. She wants truth, and great things, to be surprised but in the simplest way, by being simply loved.

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