Yuchi love poem

Newonde'dji f'epp'apanetittne

K'ala tsyowesepe'e yak'wane

Nots'igape'e nagottne legota

K'ala tsyohithe keyodit'hyayu

Translated into Yuchi by Woktela

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Poem the mirror

A Rosetta stone for Yuchi language

The Yuchi (Yuchee, Euchee, Uchean, Uchi, Zoyaha, Tsoyaha) translation of my love poem. This isolated amerindian language is practically extinct! There are not more than 4 or 5 speakers in Oklahoma. Will my poem be a new Rosetta stone?

Euchee language is possibly distantly related to the Sioux languages. Initially an independent tribe in central Tennessee, the Yuchis joined forces with the Muscogee Creeks in the early 19th century. Today, most live in northeast Oklahoma, near Sapulpa, Hectorsville and Bristow.

The Yuchis

Some history: At the beginning of colonization by the Europeans, the Yuchis (Uchee, Euchee), lived in the southeast of the United States, between: the west of the Carolinas, the east of Tennessee and the northern Georgia and Alabama. Many of them were moved in the 19th century, with their neighbors the Creek, to Oklahoma.

Today the Euchee, (the children of the sun, around 2,000) have kept their traditions, which has enabled them to avoid a complete assimilation ... but its not sure that this small number, allied to the proudness of the Tsoyahas, will suffice to preserve all their differences and the richness of their culture.

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