Apisa anuka chi holbät toba yät,  äm ataloät toba aiukli moma i shahli,  I hokakosh tushpa hosh kania,  “Chi Hullo Li” yämma kosh äm isht aiopi.
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Choctaw poem, translated by E. Caldwell & Choctaw nation language

Small choctaw poem (chickasaw) for 10,000 speakers mainly in Oklahoma. A poem about love into choctaw,the Native American Natchez-muskogée language of Chactas people.. The choctaw uses the Latin alphabet.

The French were the first to meet the choctaws at the end of the 17th century. They were their allies against the English. The Choctaws formed one of the five Indian nations; They were the subject of a strong acculturation. They are known for their division into halves which prohibited marriage between members of separate halves. The Mississippi is their ancestors land.
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