Gimazinichigan waabamoojichaagwaaning Besh naa geget inendamaan Wewiibiwaabiyan onji wenibanaagwak Iw ishkwezhibii'igeyaan. Gizaagi'in
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Ojibwe poem, translated by Mashkaawiziibines

Ojibwe (chippewa, Ojibwa) love poem for the largest Amerindian nation in North America. Poem Ojibwe to try to translate the beauty of their squaws, these pretty sunny and browns girls of the American tribes.

The Ojibwes (Chippewas, Anishinaabes) speak several dialects of this Algonquian language, one find them around the great lakes in the USA and Canada and still 55,000 of them speak their language. The Ojibwa live on forest resources, wild rice cultivation, hunting and fishing. Their social organization is based on the nuclear family (where the marriage between cross-cousins and polygyny were practiced), on the existence of bands, and on the belonging to an exogamous and patrilineal clan, constituting a totem. Shamanism, sorcery (sorceries), brotherhoods (marked initiatory), are the main religious activities. Although they are parked on reserves or assimilated to national life, the Ojibwa, however, retain certain elements of their traditional culture.
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