Tlapanec love poem


Gri’gú inaa na ni’wan’

Nga’a misan ñajun

Mi’cha la muu nangudii

Imboó ika etan “Nando kayaa”

Translated into Me´phaa by Juan Neri Dionicio
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Tlapanec language

The Tlapanec (Me´phaa) is an Otomanguean language from Mexico (state of Guerrero), spoken for all of its varieties (Tlacoapa, Acatpec, Azoyú, Malinaltepec) by a hundred thousand speakers

The Mexican National Institute of Indigenous Languages, don't only counts four, but nine dialect variants of the Tlapanec language. The dialect of this translation is Acatepec, it has 40,000 speakers.


In pre-Columbian times, the Tlapanecs (Yopi) lived in a territory called Yopitzinco, by the Aztecs. Tlapan was their main city. Their territory formed an enclave inside of the powerful Aztec empire, which could never conquer it.

Tlapanec society operates on a patriarchal basis, with political and religious leaders, chaired by a council of chiefs. The power of this council, is of course very weak, since it is the laws of the Mexican state which govern.

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