Ahtshek kpahpenawussè k'hackai Neek nonaaptonawáganàn, kakhne onáyo Psùck gattatáyi káshksò Né askuakhuck Ktakhwáhnan ksè
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Mahican poem, translated by & voice Carl Masthay (linguist, Algonquianist)


Literally :

What-is you-doubled(mirrored)-see-reflexive thy-body/self

Those my-good-word-s, very good

But be-quick disappears

That last "thee-love-I" say-I.

This love poem, mirroring the squaws is not a cheap reflection ... The poem "la glace" translated into Mahican, the language of the Mohicans's tribe (called Mahicans in 1500-1600 and living in New England and Long Island, is the Mahican). This is an inaccuracy in French ethnological studies of Algonquian ethnonyms, confusing these tribes with the Mohegans of Connecticut, that has transformed their name Mahican in Mohican.
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