Muscogee love poem


Cen heckv tvkheckv vhakat

Yvhiketv heros mahat ontos

Momis lvpecicvs sonkoset owes

"Ecenokecis" maketv espokosat ontos!

Translation and audio Muscogee Creek by Edwin Marshall
Muscogee love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Muskogee language

A great thank to Edwin Marshall who did this translation. He tells me: "There is no word for "poem" so I used the word for "song" because, after all, a song is a poem with music. Also, the Muskogee alphabet has some unique pronunciations so what I translated doesn't sound exactly as it is spelled" ... you could check that with the audio.

The Creek language (Muscogee, Seminole, Muskogee, Maskoke, Autonym : Mvskoke), is an eastern muskogean language, spoken by the Creeks (in Oklahoma) and the Seminoles (in Florida). This language remains spoken by at most 5000 people. The different movements of the muskogée groups, mingling with different other populations, created different variants of their language ... let us quote the seminole and the hitchiti-mikasuki.

The Creeks

The Creeks are a confederation of North American Indians. In the past they hunted bear and bison, and cultivated beans, corn and squash in Alabama and Georgia. They worked out in 1858 a constitution from which a tribal government was born. But in 1898, this tribal government was dissolved by the government of the United States.

Like many other tribes, they were forced to move. In the second half of the 18th century, a large number of them migrated to Florida to mix with local tribes. Later, this group (the Seminoles) was forced by the white settlers, for many of them, to return to Oklahoma.

Today the Creeks live mainly in Oklahoma, Géorgie, Alabama and Floride.

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