Wakagapi nitawa ki miyoglas'in mahel  Le olowan mitawa ki iyotan waste he e  Eyas inahni yo le ecana kajuju kte  Heon tecihila ki ehake yelo.
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Sioux poem, translated by Slim Batteux

Sioux love poem (it's a translation). Squaw of this Sioux poem, are you truly a perfidious snake? Did the pale faces understand who you are? The Sioux is the language of the Sioux people with 3 main dialects, lakota and eastern and western dakota. We have a total of perhaps 30,000 speakers. To speak about the Sioux is to speak about our childhood and these Indians to whom we have identified ourselves so much in the games of our youth.

Go to visit the different websites concerning them to go to their discovery. There are many Sioux tribes which can be divided into two cultural areas, those of the plains and those of the grasslands which subsisted until the disappearance of the bison. The firsts, with a nomadic existence, lived, with the introduction of the horse, a change of material culture, migrated more towards the West, where they hunted essentially the bison, practicing the circular encampment which referred to a dual conception of The universe (peace and war). The seconds, semi-sedentary with an agricultural vocation (corn), lived in permanent villages, sometimes in encampments (hunting), where the marriage between cross-cousins ​​prevailed; Their clan organization was connected with two great phratries divided into halves. They were obliged to emigrate towards the West after the colonists arrival. The Sioux have resisted to the multiple attempts of extermination (Wounded Knee).
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