Kd'alidgwaôn  pipinawjakôganek  Pôbaamimen wliawikhigawôganal  Kanwa, ai nabi kwôzihlamen  Mejessalamen K'kezalmel!
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Abenaki poem, translated by & voice Elie Joubert

A Translation for this Abenaki love poem (abnaki), the Algonquian language of the Abenaki people in Quebec, Maine and Odanak. An Abenaki poem for all the squaws of this tribe. There are two varieties of abenaquis languages which are quite similar, oriental and western. No matter about which one is her language, because when she will read my 4 short lines, she will know that her image is much more than a dialect, or a language, that she is simply universal for who knows how to look at her!

The Abenakis are Algonquin Indians, who lived as nomads on the Maine coast. As early as the 18th century, they were acculturated by the French settlers who used them to fight the British settlers.
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