Cuicatec love poem

Na chi ynai nai

Di na chi ynai nai

Ndudus ndebée ngáa ñée di

Nat dinun chinuu, chu ni cuinu

¡Di munn chinuu “nene née di!

Translated into Tepeuxila Cuicatec (Dbaku) by Virgilio Neri Contreras
(thanks to Universidad publica à Región cuicateca)

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Cuicatec language

The Dbaku (Cúu Cáa, Tepeuxila Cuicatec, Cuicateco del centro, Center Cuicatec) is one of the three variants of the cuicatec language. It is spoken by the Cuicatèque community of San Juan Tepeuxila, in fact Cúu Cáa. The other two variants of Cuicatec, an Oto-mango language, from the Mixtecan group, from Oaxaca (Mexico), are the Nduaku and the Duaku. For all of these three dialects, the number of speakers is estimated at 14,000, and for the word itself, it comes from the Nahuatl, and means "those who inhabit".

The Cuicatecs

The Cuicatecs (Nduudu yu) are related to the Mixtecs. They live in the Cañada region, in the district of Cuicatlán, north of Oaxaca (Mexico). The two main cities of their territory are Tepeuxila and Teutila.

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