Moxiptli tescaco, quetzali xochicuicatl,  Nicempaqui Nictlacuiloa.  Auh otia isiucalli, ixiptli poliui.  Moxiptli nitlamian Nimitztlazohtla.
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Nahuatl poem, translated by & voice David Schmidt

Poem translated into Nahuatl, the language of the Nahua peoples, descendants of the Aztecs and Pipils. This agglutinating and predicative language of Mexico (Uto-Aztecan), is spoken by 1.5 million speakers. This language of the Nahua group is the language of Aztec literature.

The Nahuas, the most numerous Amerindians in Mexico, are the descendants of the great Toltec and Aztec civilizations. They were also called Mēxihcatl, origin of Mexico and Mexico City, Tenochtitlán being the capital of their empire. The Aztecs resisted only three months to Cortes, which put the city in ruins. They are distributed on territories demarcated on both sides by the sierra Madre occidentale and the sierra Madre orientale, more particularly located in Mesa Central. Cultivation on burnings is at the root of their subsistence economy, which, often precarious, forces them to labor in coffee plantations. Weaving and pottery are also practiced. The socio-political organization is based on village unity, hierarchized in classes, and on the existence of a municipal house around which community life is organized.
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