Pikcha'lich okilh xi' olho'c'ho',l  Hixas so'o kaxayot k'wa'ichxw alhits-s.pl  Dakilh, kwolh axw! Wa'alishi'ixaxw  Hixas yicha K'iowopatilawo'li ti'l, t'sosa' t'solo'op'ol.
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Quileute poem, translated by Jay Powell

My love poem translated into Quileute (quillayute) with my thanks for the Quileute Tribal Council and Jackie Jacobs.
This Native American chimakuan language is spoken along Quileute and Hoh rivers, is nearly extinct. The Quileutes (Quillayute) live to the west of the Washington state and are now a tiny group of 1,800 people. That is to say if this chimakuane language that is quileute is in real danger. I invite you to visit their website to know them. For them and for some other groups, it is truly vital to succeed to preserve that diversity which is the wealth of humanity.
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