Dest’ii biyi tsinzi  T’aa altsedi shil nizhoni  T’aa, tsxiilgo t’aadoo adii daa’  Dii t’aa akeedi “ayoo aninishnii”
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Navajo poem, translation

Navajo love poem (Navaho), mirror of the indians squaws under their tipi. This navajo poem is in an apache language of the na dene family. Navajos people call them Dine. In the southwest of the United States they represent the second group of Amerindians of the country for the number. The navajo, like other Amerindian languages, was used during both wars; transmissions were coded with the navajo code. The Navahos migrated from the sub-Arctic to the southwest of the United States, mainly in New Mexico and Arizona. They were influenced by the culture of the Pueblos, to which they borrowed many practices: horticulture, mode of filiation (exogamous matrilineal clans), magico-religious rituals, allied to ancient shamanistic practices. Their number is estimated at about 44,000 individuals.
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