Hee3oohobeihin hesoohobetiitone'  Nenee' ceebe'eini'oo' neteenetiit.  'oh nihi'neeniistii: hiiyohou'unoo'ooo'  Hiitoxu'oonoo' hiisinihiinoo biixoo3e3en.
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Arapaho poem, translated by J A Cowell University of Colorado

Love poem into arapaho (Arapahoe, Hinónoʼeitíít). (The character "3" is pronounced "ze" (as the "th" English). Arapaho is the algonquian language of the Arapahos (cow people), who live in wyoming and colorado plains, there were Cheyenne and Sioux allies. 1000 people are able to understand this arapaho poem in Wyoming in the United States!

This language is in great danger, fortunately it has interst for some researchers. Perhaps in her teepe, she hears me to polish and polish again the metal of her mirror, hoping, that one day she sees me. Initially sedentary farmers, the Arapahos were driven back to the prairie, where the buffalo hunting became the center of their life. This evolution of their material culture has transformed their socio-political organization: They were regrouped in bands, whose cohesion was maintained by, military type factions, and ceremonies (calumet talisman, dance of the sun). You could find them in Wyoming and Oklahoma.
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