Imaj-ou nan glas Se pis bèl pwèm-mwen Men li disparèt toutswit Sa se dènyè mwen renmen-ou-mwen
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Haitian creole poem, translated by jackspeese

This translation into Haitian Creole (ayisyen kreyol) is a nice drawing. Do you recognize yourself in this love poem? You are creole like the coffee of Gainsbourg, and your reflection excites the wildest desires.

Haitian Creole is a language spoken by 12 million people. It is a Creole of French and various African languages. If we find three dialectal forms, they remain intercomprehensible. It is with French the official language of Haiti. Haiti (the pearl of the Antilles) remains a place for tourism because of its beaches and history. To explain the very process of the emergence of a Creole, there is the Bloomenfield theory, called "baby talk". This supposes that the Master spoke in a kind of baby language, of "little nigger," which was back imitated. Thus a pidgin is created which, once internalized by the servile society, ends in a Creole, since the speakers of the second and third generations have only that language.
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