Yatê love poem

Sa nankya

I aanankya sa nankya ke

Ta ike ktshalene kakneka

Khonefãw, fasnew, ethunekke

Ya tuthnise uxinkya kehle.

Translated into Yatê-Fulniô & voice by Cícero de Brito cacique do povo Fulni-ô.

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Poem the mirror

Yaathe language

Yatê (yatê-fulniô, yaathe, yahthe, fulniô, carnijó, carijó, fornió, furniô), autonym ia-tê, is an isolated language from the region of Águas Belas in Pernambuco state, Brazil. There are two fulniô dialects, which are really very close, yatê and fulniô. These two dialects, count together, not more 3,000 speakers.

Fulni-ô people

The Amerindians of Águas Belas were the Carnijós (Carijós), and it was probably during the displacement of populations to constitute villages, that some groups merged and took the name Fulni-ô. Among the Fulni-ô, the Ouricuri ritual remains important. This ritual takes place in August, it is sacred and secret, even if foreign visitors can observe certain dimensions (for example the separation of men and women).

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