Mam love poem

Atzu spej

Aj tilb'ilala tuj spej

Atzo jun weye tb'anil npak'ab'

Ex kaxa, ch'ix tel naj

Atzo mankb'il "k'ujla'na wu'ne.

Translated into Mam by qxe’chal “MAM”

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Mam language

Mam (Kyol, Qyol, Qyool, B’anax), is a Mayan language from departments of Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Retalhuleu, and San Marcos in Guatemala, and in several cities in Chiapas, Mexico. This translation is in Central Mam, that is to say in the Mam variant spoken in the department of San Marcos. The three other dialects of this language are northern, southern and western mam. Mam is a language close to Tectitec (Tektiteko). If we count all its four dialects, the Mam language is spoken by around 500,000 people.

Mam people

Mams are one of the largest Mayan community in Guatemala. It was in 1895 that this community was split in two, due to the establishment of the border, between Mexico and Guatemala. As for many other Native American peoples, their cosmovision is linked to the harmony between all things of the earth and the sky. The numerous ceremonies which they practice in this way, demonstrate it. They are often farmers and this since very ancient times. The Spaniards, who considered them excellent for working the land, used them in various territories of their empire.

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