Poeme d amour : Jamuqamax lliphulliphunkiwa  Wali munat chapar aruxawa  Jank'acht'asima, pichsusiniwa  Qhip qhipa aruxawa munasipunsmawa!
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Aymara poem, translated by Jaqi Aru team

Aymara love poem (aimara), an Amerindian language of Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile. My little poem in the Aymara language will be understood by about two million speakers.

Aymara was the official language of the Incas, Quechua being only their vehicular language. Today it is a vernacular language that has an official status in Bolivia and Peru. The Aymara, which probably has genetic links with the quecha, has seen its domain diminish for the benefit of this one. In Bolivia there are 37 official languages. The 2 million Amerindians who speak Aymara, an agglutinative language, are mainly on the Bolivian territory. The Aymara civilization is one of the oldest in South America. It reached its peak in the time of Tiahuanaco, then declined under the Inca and Spanish yoke. Fishermen (notably on Lake Titicaca), breeders, farmers, they also practice weaving, basketry, pottery, tannery and metalworking. The organization of their community, generally endogamous and patrilineal, rests on, the division of territories subject to a chief authority, and a division into two sections: "high" and "low".
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