Woun Meu love poem

Chi espheg

Pu khiin oochirum dich oojem ee

Mag iek wajapha jauchirumau

Mamu jupai aba, chugpa junawe

¡purig iek jawaag "Pu khochag chirum"!

Translation Woun meu by Blacho Moya Chagpier
Woun Meu love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Woun meu language

My love poem translated into the Woun Meu language (alternatives : Wounmeu, Woun Meo, Wounaan Meu, Noanamá, Chocó, Chocama, Noanama, Noenama, Nonama, Waumeo, Chanco, Waun Meo, Waunana, Waunméu, Waunán), a chocoan language, spoken in Panama and Colombia in the Chocó region, by a total of 10,000 people.

Choco people

The first writings concerning the Wounán people are those of a priest, Palacios de la Vega, they date from the end of the 18th century.

Originally hunters (blowpipe), gatherers, semi-nomads, the Chocos (Embera and wounaan), live in a very humid forest region.

Today hunting and fishing are the prerogative of men, while women take care of agricultural crops (maize, cassava, bananas) and make baskets and pottery. Their clothes (pareo and shirtless), and their habitat often remains traditional (wood and thatch).

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