Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe love poem

Yẽ tâypâk m’kahá uĩ m’kahã,

Me’a iõ kaupetõ fahãtö haytxó’xó.

Tapuritú, tometô ãkupa, kepây bâk’ahab’,

Me’a iõ kaupetõ txemãkô “ertõ”!

Translated into Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe by Ajuru e Awoy

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Pataxó language

Translation of the love poem into Pataxo. The Pataxó (Patoxó, Pataxi, Hã-Ha-Hãe, Patashó, Pataxó-Hãhaãi), is the Indigenous language of Pataxó people in Bahia state in Brazil; it has some resemblances with the maxakalí (patxôhã).

We can subdivide the Pataxó, in Pataxó or (Northern Pataxó) and the Hã-Ha-Hãe (Southern Pataxó). Today all Pataxós speak Portuguese and their language is considered virtually extinct.

The Pataxos

The Pataxós are only 4,600, 2,800 Pataxó and 1,800 Hã-Ha-Hãe. Bahia, of which capital is Salvador, is one of the 26 states of Brazil and is located on the Atlantic coast in eastern Brazil. Brazil is a country of excessiveness between uninhabited and overcrowded areas, between modernity and indigenous areas. In the Amazon there are still some groups of Indians not a lot affected by civilization

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