Yẽ tâypâk m’kahá uĩ m’kahã,  Me’a iõ kaupetõ fahãtö haytxó’xó.  Tapuritú, tometô ãkupa, kepây bâk’ahab’,  Me’a iõ kaupetõ txemãkô “ertõ”!
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Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe poem, translated by Ajuru e Awoy

Translation of the love poem into pataxo. The Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe is the Indigenous language (practically extinct) of Pataxó people in Bahia state, it has some resemblances with the maxakalí.

The Pataxos are only 12,000 and their indigenous language is now replaced by Portuguese. Bahia, of which capital is Salvador, is one of the 26 states of Brazil and is located on the Atlantic coast in eastern Brazil. Brazil is a country of excessiveness between uninhabited and overcrowded areas, between modernity and indigenous areas. In the Amazon there are still some groups of Indians not a lot affected by civilization
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