Tupi love poem


Nde rangaba aruguá pupé ...

Xe nheengara porangeté!

Ijekanhéma! Ejemoanhé!

“Oroausuba!” Xakypueri a’ang’aé

Translated into Tupi & voice José Takehara

Original version
Poem the mirror

Tupi woman

Love poem in tupi (Tupian), an amerindian language of South America. Poetry for the last indian woman of brazil, hidden in the Amazonian forest. The tupi language has given us a lot of words, especially plants and animals.

Tupi people

It is among other, in Brazil that covers half of South America, that we find the Tupi ethnic groups who originally were in the Amazon rainforest. There are more than 70 Tupis languages in this country. It remain only a few tribes of Tupis, the others having been assimilated during the colonization of the country. This language is also spoken in Paraguay. The region of the Amazonian Tupis is distinguished from that of the Tupinambas and the Tupis-Guaranis of the Brazilian coast. The various groups are known in particular for the state of tension and the intertribal wars that governed their social practices and influenced their religious rites.

Sister languages
Ñe’engatú - Suruí - Guarani
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