Bacairí love poem


Tohozeleim oday âzekâ

Koendâ kâinweniby

Inepa aikâ, âtygagueze mawanrâ

Xypyry xira "aize urâ"!

Translated into Bacairí (Bakairí) by Magno Amaldo
Thanks to Wellington Miranda Passos
Bacairí love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Bacairí language

The Bakairí (Bacairí, Autonym : Kurâ or Kura), is an agglutinating, Carib language spoken by the Bacairís, who are divided into different small groups, in the central region of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

There are two variants of this language, the East (in the Bakairi indigenous reserve), and the West (in the Santana indigenous reserve), for a total of perhaps 1000 people.

The translation presented here, is in the Eastern dialect! It comes directly from the Microregion of Paranatinga - Mato Grosso, Brazil, which includes the villages of Kaiahoalo, Alto Ramalho, Painkun and Pakuera.

The Carib languages are the languages of Native Americans, spread from the mouth of the Amazon, to northern South America. There are a good thirty!

The Bacairis

Originally the lands of the Bakairís, were at the confluence of Verde and Paranatinga rivers. Because of conflicts in particular with the Kayabis, they split into several groups to go to the Xingu, Arinos and Paranatinga rivers ... to be reunited in a single colony, made up of different small groups (in the 1940s).

The Bacairís who live along rivers are farmers and hunters, but above all fishermen.

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