Chajul Ixil love poem

U txiqub' vatz

Va kayeb'al tu txiqub' Vatz

A'e u josq'l uva' ni tzaj tu vaanima

Naletz kuxhaxh, tan toq sotzoq

A' vi ya'teb'al "ni sa' axh"!

Translated into Chajul Ixil by Manuel Laynez Anay
(General project coordinator, Academy of Mayan Languages of Guatemala)

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Ixil language

Ixil (ixhil), is a Mayan language (from the Greater Mamean group), spoken in the Quiché department (Guatemala), more precisely in the northern highlands (Cuchumatanes mountains), in San Gaspar Chajul, San Juan Cotzal and Santa Maria Nebaj (Ixil Triangle). There are some small differences between the dialects of each of these areas, but they leave the intercomprehensibility ... This version comes from Chajul!

Ixil people

The Ixils are Mayan people from northern Guatemala (El Quiche). Some are in Mexico (States of Campeche and Quintana Roo). In the early 80s, during the civil war which raged in Guatemala, they were victims of a genocide, since considered as an "inferior race"; 80% of their villages were razed, and nearly 2,000 of them murdered.

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