Sacapulteco love poem

Ilb'al wachiil

Lawichb'al chipam li ilb'al wachiil

Ara' niq'osalaj loq'b'al

Tek iil rimal kichupek

K'isb'al ren "katinloq'oj"

Translated into Tujaal tziij by Comunidad Lingüística Sakapulteka

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Tujaal tziij language

Sacapultec (Sacapulteco, Tujaal tziij, Sakapulteko, qač’ab’a:l, Sakapultek, Sacapulas K’iche’), is one of the Mayan languages spoken by Sakapulteks in central Guatemala. This quichean-mamean language, is spoken by Sakapultek people, around the town of Sacapulas (department of El Quiché).

In Guatemala, various associations and the government are trying to revitalize the cultural and linguistic riches of the Mayan people, because the country is multilingual and multicultural, even if Spanish is the dominant and written language.

The Sakapulteks

The Sakapulteks (Sakapulteks), a Mayan people, are not more 30,000 in Guatemala, near Sacapulas. They remain anchored in a culture dating back thousands of years ... For them the cult of ancestors remains very important. The Sakapulteks are mainly farmers and Sacapulas is a particularly productive place for fruits and vegetables: corn, beans, avocados, tomatoes, onions, mangoes, oranges, lemons, sugar and papayas.

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