Rote love poem

Ho salao ma sia doma

Na au puisi mana meulau tebes do

Te nggengger ma mopo e

Ia au dedea "au sue ho" terakhir do

Translated into Roti by Ellen Loa
The words "puisi" and "terakhir", respectively "poem" and "last" are here in Indonesian, the translator does not know them in roti.

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Poem the mirror

Rote women

The translation of my love poem in the rote language (roti), of the roti island, which is part of the small sunda islands in Indonesia. A poem for all the rote womens, in a language of the Central-Eastern group of Austronesian languages.

Roti island

Roti is an island located in the southwest of Timor which has 95,000 inhabitants. It is low and dry, covered with savannahs and steppes, people cultivate, rice, maize and cotton.
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