Indonesian love poem


Wajahmu didalam cermin

Adalah puisi terbaikku

Namun kemudian ia menghilang

Itulah saat terakhir aku mencintaimu

Translated into Indonesian by Carthy Pelangi
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Indonesian love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Indonesian language

Poem "la glace" in Indonesian, the national language of Indonesia spoken by 230 million people.

4 small lines for her image, finally not quite her, since there will be a symmetry on her face. But with this love poem (Puisi cinta), a reflection of the extreme Eastern, magic and beauty of smiles of Asia, I get a little closer to her.

The Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) is an evolved form of Malay, it uses our alphabet. Modern Indonesian was adopted as a national language in 1928. Indonesia wanted a comon language to unify all the inhabitants of the country.

Today, even if some other languages in Indonesia are spoken by millions people, bahasa indonesia, which is learn in the schools, is became the mother tongue of all people in Indonesia, who have for most of them two languages. in Indonesia, as in many other countries, people dont speak only one language.

In Indonesian, there are a lot of words which come from other languages, perhaps 90%, generaly Chinese, with the war and immigration in 13th century.

Indonesian literature

In 1933 the young writers begin to develop their language, to make it a language of culture, and it is among other things, the publication of numerous poems. Indonesian literature get started resolutely to the Western school, the Indonesian poets begin to write short poems. Three indonesian poets: Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana, Amir Hamzah and Armijin Pane create the literary magazine "Poedjangga Baroe".

After the war, poetry with Chairil Anwar is concise, the poem in free verse and the short news (cerpen), sketch the time sketches. The poet Sitor Situmorang with the discovery of existensialism and surrealism, purifies his style. The poet Subagio Sastrowardojo remains anchored in tradition. A generation of young authors appears in the 60s, including the poet W. S. Rendra.

If it is a very populous country since it is the 4th in the world for the number of inhabitants, Indonesia still conserves, some rather virgin areas, endowed with an important biodiversity. The number of languages in this country is very important, one finds the Malayo-Polynesian languages in the west, and the Papuan languages more to the east. Indonesia consists of more than 10,000 islands, half of which are uninhabited.

Nikow now (2011)

Under the pic of Anggun, my poem borrowed by Nikos Aliagas, for his book "Nikos now" (2011)!

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