Padang love poem


Tacaliak muko di cermin

Sabana rancak jo puisi ko

Lah hilang se sakaliak mato

Lah tarakhir nak bakecek ambo sayang dek uda.

Translated into Padang by Tetty
Padang love poem

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Minangkabau language

The translation of my short love poem into Padang a Minangkabau (other names of the ten dialects : Agam, Tanah, Ulu, Padang, Urang Awak, Batu Sangkar-Pariangan, Penghulu, Pancuang Soal, Jamee, Orang Mamak, Pajokumbuh, Minang, Kerinci-Minangkabau, Si Junjung, Aneuk Jamee, Muko-Muko, Singkarak) dialect. There are still 6 million people who speak this language.

These verses in Minangkabau language, are exactly in the Agam-Tanah Datar speech of Padang, a port city in the west of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The Minangkabau language is a Malay language that belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian languages. It is one of the regional languages of Indonesia which is used daily by the Minangkabaus both orally, but also in writing, since there is literature in Minang.

All around the linguistic area of the minang (in the region of West Sumatra), other Austronesian languages are spoken; to the north batak and mandailing, to the east jambi and riau, to the south the rejang Lebong which necessarily have a more or less important influence depending on the location of the dialects. However, the most important differences between its dialects are phonetic.

Agam-Tanah Datar, that is to say the speaking of Padang, the one in question here, constitutes the norm and the Minangkabaus call it among themselves Baso Urang Awak = the language of our people.

The Minangkabaus

For the Minangkabaus, filiation was matrilineal, with a mode of matrilocal residence. Women played a very important role, they owned the majority of property ...

But the world is changing, everything is changing so quickly, and the different cultures of humans are mixing little by little to become just one. Will the heart of the man they love, which was their most precious possession, resist to this acculturation by uniqueness? I think yes, because for these women to love is a first nature!

Padang is a port of Indonesia on the west coast of Sumatra, at the mouth of the Arau River on the Indian Ocean.

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