acaliak muko di cermin  Sabana rancak jo puisi ko  Lah hilang se sakaliak mato  Lah tarakhir nak bakecek ambo sayang dek uda.
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Padang poem, translated by Tetty

The translation of my short love poem into Padang the Agam-Tanah Datar dialect of Padang city in Indonesia. There are still 6 million people who speak this language. This minangkabau poem comes from the north of the Sumatra island in Indonesia. This language belongs to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian languages. There are several dialect forms, a dozen! For the Minangkabau people, filiation is matrilineal, with a mode of matrilocal residence. Women play a very important role, they own the majority of property. The heart of the man they love is their most precious possession! Padang is a port of Indonesia on the west coast of Sumatra, at the mouth of the Arau River on the Indian Ocean..
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