Ayang - ayangane riko hang mendal nong koco  Yaiku guritan hang endah ring urip izun  Taping kabeh wis musna sakcepete wektu  Iki hang pungkazan isu n welas nyang rika
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Osing poem, translation

Love poem translated into the osing language of the Indonesian people the osings of Banyuwangi. About 300,000 people speak this language from the eastern end of Java Island in Indonesia. Banyuwangi lies between sea, mountains and forests and it is there that she resides, hidden, discreet, among its own. The Osings that live there are the descendants of the Blambangan's kingdom populations. This language which has undergone the influences of Javanese and Balinese, in principle is written using the Javanese script. Historically the Osings were among the few Hindus in Java. Their culture is rich of their history. Dances, songs and legends, continue to hold an important place.
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