Osing love poem


Ayang - ayangane riko hang mendal nong koco

Yaiku guritan hang endah ring urip izun

Taping kabeh wis musna sakcepete wektu

Iki hang pungkazan "isu n welas nyang rika"

Translated into Osing
Osing love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Osing language

Love poem translated into the Osing (Banyuwangi) language, of the Indonesians Osings (Laros), who live in the Banyuwangi regency, in a region located at the eastern end of the island of Java in Indonesia.

Basa Osing is a local language originating from Banyuwangi, which belongs to the Austronesian language family, and has been influenced by Javanese and Balinese; in principle, it is written by using the Javanese script.

The word osing comes from Balinese, a language in which tusing Osing, means, the language of the neighboring regions. About 500,000 people speak this language, its linguistic status is still debated.

If Osing is a local language, used every day by the Banyuwangi in many districts of the East Java region, it is especially in the north of Banyuwangi, and in the regions of Giri, Glagah, Licin and Rogojampi, that there are the purest speakers ... depending on the geographical areas, the Osing may present some variations.

Osing and Javanese are two very close languages linked by many similarities. Can we say that Osing is a Javanese dialect, I don't know.

The Osings, presents in any case, many similarities, and a vocabulary close to the old Javanese language. In osing, the tone in general is firm, while with Javanese the tone is often slow.

As with Javanese, there are different forms of speech depending on the situation. A simple form of osing is used on a daily basis; the Besiki form, considered as a higher form, is reserved for other situations (rites and religion for example).

In Java, for some, Basa Osing is an independent language, and for others a variant of other surrounding languages (especially Javanese, with a different accent). These two points of view, has as consequence, to teach it or not!

Banyuwangi and the Osings

The regency of Banyuwangi is located at the eastern end of the island of Java; Banyuwangi serves as a port, to the east, between the islands of Java and Bali. To the west, the city is surrounded by mountains and forests.

The Osings who live there are descendants of the populations of the Kingdom of Blambangan. Historically the Osings were among the few Hindus in Java. Their culture is rich of their history. Dances, songs and legends continue to hold an important place.

Banyuangi is the largest regency, and it retains extremely strong cultural traits. In addition to traditional dances (Gandrung, Janger or Damarwulan), where a woman is accompanied by simple music, played by a violin, a kluncing (triangle), a kendang (gong), in Banyuangi, the theater, imbued with cultures Balinese (clothes and instruments), and Javanese (lakon = stories), hold an important place.

Is it in Banyuwangi that she resides, discreet and hidden among her family? Will I find her there ... one day?

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