Balinese love poem






Translated into Balinese by Ita

Latins letters from aksara script

Lawat ipun ring meka

Niki wantah puisi titiang paling becik

Sakewanten lawat ipun ilang bes enggal

Paling ungkur titiang mebaos, “titiang tresne ipun”

Original version
Poem the mirror

Balinese language

My love poem in its Balinese version, a Malayo-Polynesian language of Indonesia. Balinese, is a Malayo-Sumbawan language, spoken in the Bali islands and in East Java by 1 million people, but is losing momentum. The number of speakers decreases. It is written either with the Latin letters or with the Balinese script (aksara).


Bali located between Java and Lombok, is part of the small Sonde islands, its two main resources are agriculture, and tourism that developed in the last century. The magnificent Hindu temples, the dances and the craftsmanship (woodcarving) bring it an important financial manna, and make it a very rich island of Indonesia. Bali is characterized by an active volcanism.
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