Humbayang pian di caramin  Itu pang puisi ulun nang pambungasnya  Tatapi, humbayang pian capat banar hilang  Ini ucap ulun cinta lawan pian yang pahabisan
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Banjar poem, translated by Aldila & Yulita Fransiska

Audio Yulita Fransiska
Love poem translated into banjar (banjarese, bandjar), a form of Malay and Javanese spoken by the banjar populations. This language is found in Indonesia, at Borneo in Kalimantan, as well as Sabah in Malaysia. There are surely 4 million people who speak this language. It is divided into two main dialects (kuala and hulu), and can be written with the jawi alphabet, a derivative of the Arabic alphabet, as it's the case for different Malay languages. The ancestors of the Banjarneses are: Dayaks, Javanese and Malays who have mixed. And their language based on the Malay is enriched with that of the Dayaks and Javanese.
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