Foto kau ado di kaco  Iko puisi ambo paling elok  Tapi cepek ilang  Iko yang terakhir ambo cinto kek kau
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Bengkulu poem, translated by Afrita

Bengkulu love poem (Central Malay), an Austronesian language spoken by the (pasemah, besemah) populations of Indonesia. Bengkulu poem (central Malay) from the city of Bengkulu in the south west of Sumatra. Pasemah, Besemah, Central Malay are the other three names given to Bengkulu a form of Malay as there are so many in Indonesia. There are about 2 million people which speak it. Bengkulu, formerly Benkulen or Benkoelen, is the largest city in southwestern Sumatra and in the past was an important region for pepper trade. It is today a place like many others in Indonesia very popular with tourists.
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