Madurese love poem


Bayanganna empian e kaca

Neka puisi bule se paling begus

Tapi, empian elang cek cepetta

Neka bule terkahir ngocak, "Bule seneng ka empian"

Translated into Madurese by Dila
Madurese love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Madurese language

A variation of my little love poem into madurese (Madhura), the language of Madura (Madoera) island in Indonesia.

Madurese is a Malayo-Sumbawan language spoken by 13 million people. It is the fourth language of Indonesia. It can be written with different alphabets, here it is in Latin letters.

Madurese is the fourth most spoken language in Indonesia (after Indonesian, Javanese and Sundanese).

In addition to the island of Madura, there are speakers of Madurese on the Kangean Archipelago, Bawean and Sapudi Islands and North East Java. The two dialect groups Maduran and Kangean are themselves divided into subgroups West and East. It is the sumenep dialect of the East subgroup of the maduran group, which is the standard.

The Madurese has links with Sundanese, Sasak, Balinese and Javanese, but its true proximity is with Malay. Just as the Javanese to whom it has surely borrowed, the Madurais has forms to indicate the social relations

After being written with a script derived from the one used for the Javanese (hanacaraka) from the pallava (originally from southern India, today it is the Latin letters that have been adopted.


Madura is quoted from the 14th century, by the poet Mpu Prapanca in his poem the Nagarakertagama.

Madura is a very populated and arid island, a part of the territories that Indonesia tries to depopulate a little, by displacing its populations.

Located in northeast Java, it is a low island dominated by a volcanic massif, which overcrowded, maintains a permanent emigration to the west of Java.

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