Go ngia kau dia nenu,  Kena na go pata ja'o dhe ngara modhe laga,  Wa'i dhomi sebhoe, no'o pota.  Go pata repo ja'o na 'ja'o dhe ra'a bere dhomi ne'e kau'
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Bajawa ngada poem, translated by Afra Rodja Kedhi & Bianca

Audio Bianca
Love poem translated in ngada of Bajawa (ngadha, ngad'a), a language spoken in Indonesia on Flores's island in the Ngada's Kabupaten. I hope that my poem will make you want to learn this Austronesian talk, to make it live, and to meet the most beautiful girls of this province, because now you can tell them "I love you"! This translation comes from Bajawa the capital. The particularity of this language is to have neither prefix nor suffix, it is a language bima sumba. Altogether we may have 65,000 speakers if we count all those of the two ngadha dialects. For me, who took some interest to prehistory, the man of Flores remains a bit of an enigma, and his specificities are surely linked to his insular isolation.
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