Betawi love poem

Muke lu di dalem kace

Adalah puisi terbaik gue

Trus, cepet banget die ngilang

Itu die saat penghabisan gue cinte ame lu

Translated into Betawi by Santana Deo

An other version

Muke lu kebayang didalem kace

Adalah puisi terbae buat gue

Tapi kok, cepet banget die ngilangnya

Entulah terakhir "gue cinte elu"

Translated into Melayu Jakarte by Leena
Original version
Poem the mirror

Betawi language

Short betawi love poem (Betawi Malay, Melayu Betawi, Melayu Jakarte, Jakarta Malay, Batawi, Batavi, Batavian, Anak Betawi, Orang Betawi).

Betawi, is a western Malayo-Polynesian language, from the Austronesian language family, it is a Malay Creole, which has 3 million speakers in and around Jakarta city.

The Javanese and Sundanese languages, enriched Betawi, the language of the original inhabitants of Jakarta - the Betawis - who speak a variety of Malay known by the same name.

After having been considered as a dialect and then a Creole, nowadays, Betawi has the status of a language in its own right.

Betawi Malay, is close to Standard Indonesian, which is the written language, spoken under certain formal circumstances. We can distinguish several variants, such as the dialect of central Jakarta (Kota).

Familiar Indonesian, the dialect of everyday life, has been developed by adapting Betawi to other languages present in Jakarta, which are almost all those spoken in Indonesia.

The Betawis

At the foundation of Jakarta city (Kota Tua is the old name of the city), the local population will be driven out and replaced by migrants of all origins (Indonesians, Sri Lankans, Chinese).

This motley group, will form a new ethnic group, the Betawi. The word Betawi comes from Batavia, the old name for Jakarta during Dutch colonization.

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