Rupammu lan sammin  Yamo kelong Balloku  Apa sang kappidianri na ta'demo  Ma'katampakanna kuparinayako
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Toraja poem, translated by Octovianus Pasolang

Love poem translated into toraja language (toradja, sada, sa'dan, sadang, taeq), a Malayo-Polynesian language of the Sulawesian branch. The Torajas (Toradjas), are about 650,000. They live in the Indonesian province of Sulawesi, on the island of Celebes. Toraja means people from above because they live in the mountainous region of central Sulawesi. Their language is close to the bugi, that of their neighbors. Their location, isolated in the mountains, has long preserved them from contacts with other peoples, thus preserving their rites and their culture. Their social organization is based on the extended family living in long houses on stilts, each representing a distinct economic and ceremonial unit. Village confederations are governed by a council of chiefs.
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