Wajowajomu ku cammingnge  Iyanaritu sajaku ye malebbie'e,  Tafi cinamppemi bawang nappa lenynye,  Yanae pappoji paccapurekku rilaleng tuoku.
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Buginese poem, translated by Mila

My love poem in its buginese version, a Malayo-Polynesian language of Indonesia. This language of the Indonesian group spoken in the south of Sulawesi (Sulawesi) serves as a language of relation in the region. If the Bugis (Bougis) have preserved their rites and traditions, those are still tend to fade! The bugi is spoken in Celebes in South Sulawesi by 4 million people. It has his own writing (lontara) which is really beautiful. Do a search to see what it looks like. Perhaps someday someone will send me this translation in this pretty alphasyllabaire.
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