Bangka love poem


Muke ka gi dalam kaco

Adelah puisi tebaik ku

Tapi kelak paca hilang

Tulah hari terakhir ku nek ki ka

Translated into Bangka & voice Enny
Bangka love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Bangka language

The love poem in bangka version, that is to say in the Malay language, Malayo-Polynesian, of the Bankanese, spoken on the island of Bangka in Indonesia.

They are about 300,000 to speak this language. Other names for the Bangka language, which is like other neighboring languages, a form of Malay, are: Bahasa Bangka, Central Bangka, Banka, North Bangka, Port Urban, Capital City Urban, Lom, Belom, Bangkanese, Mapor, South Bangka.

Idonesia has a such ethnic diversity that its linguistic richness is also enormous. There are at least 400 local languages, the Bangka is one of them.

There, the different ethnic groups continue to attach great importance to their local language, because it is their identity, inside the Indonesian community. When you are in Bangka, try to ask a question in Bahasa Indonesian, and you will see, you will be surprised to get your answer in Bangkanese.

The Bangka is not only used on a daily basis, in everyday conversations, but it is also spoken in certain media, proof, as said previously, of the importance, that the different peoples of Indonesia give to their local language.

Depending on the regions of Bangka Island (Pangkalpinang, Belinyu, Sungailiat, Toboali), the language is spoken with certain variations, which allow to divide it into dialects, which retain a mutual understanding.

Bangka is also a language, quite close to Indonesian.

The Bankanese and Bangka

The Bankanese live on the island of Bangka (Banka), which means "the old island".

Banka, is one of the small Sunda Islands in the south-east of Sumatra, well known for its pewter.

This "old island", has seen many peoples pass ... Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Dutch and English, among others.

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