Sika love poem


A'u gambar e'i linong

A'pa puisi a'un gagah hebat

Tapi ropo i'lang

E'i a'u yang baimuri, a'u megu o'ra au

Translated into Sika by Yosefina
Sika love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Sika language

My love poem in the language of Sikka ethnicity (other known names, counting the dialect names : Sikka, Sikka Natar, South Coast Sikka, Sikkanese, Tana Ai, Sara Sikka, Sara Krowe, Central Sikka, Maumere, Krowe, Kangaé).

A version, which will be understandable by only 180,000 people, scattered on the island of Flores. So let's put it in a chest, to keep it preciously, like the purest diamonds.

Sikkanese is an Austronesian language of the Malayo-Polynesian group, and of the Flores subgroup, spoken on the island of Flores in Indonesia, with a real Papuan substrate.

Sika is divided into ten dialects, which are a continuum of three main dialects, the krowe dialect, in the central region of the Sikka regency, the tana 'ai dialect, in the east of the regency, and the Sikka Natar dialect, name of a village on the south coast. Others, separate the language into two quite distinct groups, Krowe and Tana 'ai, respectively spoken in the west and east of Sikka.

Sara Sikka contains a few words of Dutch origin, and especially others, coming from Malayu and Bahasa, the problem being to know when the integration of these words date, since Malayu was the lingua franca during the Second World War.

Today virtually all people in Indonesia, including Flores, are multilingual, with generally English and Bahasa Indonesian.

Sikka people and Flores

The Sikkanese are a population of the island of Flores. Flores is a tropical island, 350km length, in the Indonesian archipelago, on which there are many territories, with different languages and ethnicities.

The island was reached by Portuguese navigators over four hundred years ago. At that time, the Sikkanese lived more in the hills and the mountains, to find there a little more freshness.

In Maumere in Indonesia, their traditions are not all lost, civilization has not yet taken everything. Go visit them, they will surprise you!

I hope that we will be able to preserve all their riches and all their differences, which are so well expressed in their culture.

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