A'u gambar e'i linong  A'pa puisi a'un gagah hebat  Tapi ropo i'lang  E'i a'u yang baimuri, a'u megu o'ra au
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Sika poem, translated by Yosefina

My poem in the language of Sika ethnicity (sikkanese, sikka) in Maumere in Indonesia. Their traditions are not all lost, civilization has not yet taken everything. Go and visit them, they will surprise you! A version of my love poem that will be understandable by only 180,000 people. So let's put it in a chest, to keep it preciously, like the purest diamonds. The Sikanese are a population of the island of Flores. There are at least 3 dialects of their language. I hope that we will be able to preserve it, as well as all their differences, which are so well expressed in their culture.
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