Pardompahan mi mian dibagasan sormin  Hata umpasahu na ummuli  Ndang panagaman, pintor misir do ho  On ma parpudi tanda ni holong nirohanghu tu ho
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Batak toba poem, translated by & voice Yetty Aritonang

The translation of my little love poem into batak toba (southern group of Batak languages). This Austronesian language of Indonesia is spoken by one of the Batak populations in the north of the island of Sumatra (2 million speakers). The Bataks are made up of 6 groups that speak distinct languages. Here it is that of the Tobas, which are the most numerous and which are found near Lake Toba and Samosir Island. In Indonesia they have the reputation of being very good musicians. Each Batak tribe is grouped into hamlets and consists of exogamous patrilineal clans. This people of the mountains that they cultivated in terraces or on burning, have migrated today towards the slopes of Toba and Medan. Although they are Islamised, they still retain their traditional beliefs. There is a batak script to write their languages. This script reads from the bottom to the top and from left to right, unfortunately, I have here only Latin characters. The Bataks use it especially in special situations (magic, prayers).
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