Muko awak di kaco  Puisi sayo yang paling indah  Tapi, Sebentar bae dah ilang  Ini yang terakhir Sayo Cinto Awak
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Jambi malay poem, translated by by Alfahmi

Translation of my love poem into Malaysian jambi (Batin, Djambi). This dialect spoken in the province of Jambi (Malayu), on the east coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, is a Malay variant, very close to Palembang. There are 1 million speakers, but it is still nothing for this country, rich of nearly 700 languages. Will she understand my: "Sayo Cinto Awak", launched like a bottle in the sea! Jambi is an eastern province of Sumatra, which is rich in oil, gas, and rubber.
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