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Sasak poem, translated by Sri

My love poem translated into the sasak language. This version has a special taste for me, because I know almost a sasak girl. Almost, because there is only as difference a letter, she has everything of this people. She is young and really very pretty! She want to learn all dance steps, then a day, find two arms in which to drown. I know that in a few years she will show her dance to me. But for now, her life is in stand by, she learns, she waits, alone in the world surrounded by others! A little over 2 million Sasaks speak one of the five dialects of this language in Lombok, Indonesia. This Malayo-Sumbawan language is written as well with our Latin letters as with the Balinese script. One sent this translation into Latin letters and i converted it into aksara.

A romanization of my poem

Muen bi lek julun kace

Ape aku ni pantun sak paling solah

Laguk kejelap ne telang

Ni wah terskhir aku jatuh cinta lek kamu.

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