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Translated into Sasak by Sri

A romanization of my poem

Muen bi lek julun kace

Ape aku ni pantun sak paling solah

Laguk kejelap ne telang

Ni wah terskhir aku jatuh cinta lek kamu.

Original version
Poem the mirror

I almost know a sasak girl

My love poem translated into the sasak language (Lombok, Sassak). This version has a special taste for me, because I almost know a sasak girl. Almost, because there is only as difference a letter, she has everything of this people. She is young and so pretty and at first glance, she seduced me! The association of these two words pretty-seduced, if it is true, is not the most adapted ... she has deep inside her the solitude of those who are beside, and participate the great movement by observing it ... something common with me. She wants to learn all the dance steps, and one day, find two arms in which to drown. I know that in a few years, she will demonstrate it. But actualy, her life is in standby, she is learning, she is waiting, alone in the world among others! About the Sassak language, i know the main ... but, one day with her I will learn the most important details that I have to perfect.

Sasak language

A little more than 2 million Sasaks, speak one of the five dialects of this language in Lombok, Indonesia. This Malayo-Sumbawan language is written as well with our Latin letters as with the Balinese script. One sent this translation into Latin letters and i converted it into aksara.
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