Ngana pe bayangan di kaca  Adalah kita pe puisi yang paling bae  Mar cepat skali dia ba ilang  Itu terakhir kali kita cinta pa ngana.
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Manado malay poem, translated by Winda Sriliasari & Nita

Little love poem translated into the Manadonese dialect, a Malay language spoken by 900,000 people. Also called Malay from Manado (Menado) or Malay from Minahassa, it is spoken, in the northern province of Sulawesi. This Malayan Creole borrowed many words from Dutch and Portuguese. Menado is a port of Indonesia in the northern peninsula of Celèbes at the foot of the Klabat volcanic massif. The settlement of Celebes, it has been made from the Philippines a long time ago.
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