Manadonese love poem


Ngana pe bayangan di kaca

Adalah kita pe puisi yang paling bae

Mar cepat skali dia ba ilang

Itu terakhir kali kita cinta pa ngana.

Translated into Manado Malay by Winda Sriliasari & Nita
Manadonese love poem

Another version


Ngapa pe muka di cermin

Adalah kita pe puisi yang terbaik

Mar cepat skali dia ba ilang

Itu terakhir kali kita cinta pa ngana

Translation Minahasan by Winda
Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Manadonese Creole

A little love poem translated into the Manadonese Creole, a Malay language, vernacular, spoken by more than 900,000 people.

Also called Manado Malay (alternatives: Bahasa Manado, Minahasa Malay, Manadonese, Minahasan Malay, Manadonese Malay), this Creole of Malay, is spoken in the province of North Sulawesi.

If the Bahasa Manado, borrowed many words from Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, Minahasan (of course), Arabic too, and surely from many others, all these contributions, gave it a morphology different, of that which is characteristic of the western Malayo-Polynesian languages.

In fact, if the Minahasas are the most numerous in Manado, this city brings together people of very diverse origins, who speak different languages. This is how the Manado Malay, imposed itself, because a vehicular language was needed to unite these populations speaking different languages.

In Manado, minahasa is used on a daily basis, whether at work, in newspapers, on radio and television.

Its success means that today it goes beyond the borders of the city of Manado. It is now spoken in surrounding regions, and it has even succeeded in influencing other languages, from this region of Sulawesi.

Yesterday Manadonese was mostly only the second language of a whole generation, today it has become the mother tongue of many of the younger ones.

It should also be understood that in many regions of the world, and this is the case in Indonesia, and in Manao, that people are at least bilingual (when they do not speak more languages). We can therefore easily imagine, all the passages from one language to another, because of this multilingualism, especially on a Creole, which in the end makes the synthesis ... as well as the possibility, for everyone, to use one language rather than another, depending on circumstances, relationships etc.


Manado (Menado) is an Indonesian port on the northern Celebes peninsula, at the foot of the Klabat volcanic massif. It is the capital of the province (propinsi) of North Sulawesi.

The population of Celebes, was done from the Philippines a long time ago. This region will have seen many peoples coming and bring their influence ... influences from Asia, Europe and the Arab world, and of course today from America.

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