El dituyo porma na espejo  Mas bien bonito palabra de poema  No tarda apura ay perde se  Este el mi ultimo quire yo kontigo!
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Chavacano poem, translated by Girlie Calanza

This translation of my love poem into chavacano, is in creole of Zamboanga city in the Philippines. A little more than 1 million speakers speak this broken Spanish, and can understand this chavacano (chabacano, zambuangueño, zamboangueño) speech. It is mostly spoken by a minority of families, who descend from Spanish soldiers came in the 19th century. This Creole counts even several dialects, which are besides the Zamboangueño, the Caviteño, the Cotabateño, the Castellano, the Ternateño, and the Ermiteño.
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