Konj innin nalti ini kogala  Ashri ashrienkailen kaerarani,  Kedeka torungae,  Marwarani, i ika dolerain!
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Nobiin poem, translated by Kush Sudan

Translation for a Nubian love poem. 400,000 speakers in Sudan and Egypt, speak this Nilo-Charanian language of the Eastern Sudanese group. A nobiin poem, so in Nubian! The Nubian language (nobiin, mahas) descended in a straight line from the ancient Nubian who was spoken and written six centuries ago. It is in East of Africa that one finds languages that have been written, the nobiin is one of them, it was wrote for millennia. One possesses documents in ancient Nubian, written in an adapted Coptic alphabet, which date from the 8th century.
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