Kabyle love poem


ⵜⴻⵙⵡⵉⵔⴰⵎⴻ ⴷⵉ ⵍⴻⵎⵔⵉ

ⴷⴷⴰⵙⴻⴼⵔoⵓ ⴻⵏoⵓ ⴻⵎⴻⵍⵀⴻⵏ

ⴰ3ⵊⴻⵍ ⵜoⵓⵔⴰ ⴰⴷⴷ ⵢⴻⵎⵀoⵓ

ⴼⴰⵏⴳⵓⴰⵔoⵓ ⵜoⵓⵔⴰ ⵀⴰⵎⵍⴰⴳⵀⴽⴻⵎ

Translated into Kabyle by Souhila Djaout


Teswirame di lemri

Ddasefrou enou emelhen

A3jel toura add yemhou

Fanguarou toura hamlaghkem

Original version
Poem the mirror

The Kabylian

A translation of my poem into Kabyle (Kabylian), the first Berber language in Algeria for the number of its speakers, followed by the chaoui. It is after the chleuh in Morocco, the second Berber dialect with 5.5 million speakers, if we count the Kabylie and the diaspora. One finds it in the great Kabylie and in the west of Little Kabylie.

The Kabyles

The Kabyles are organized in complementary clans, characterized by distinct social functions, and respective prohibitions. They follow a patrilineal filiation, have a patrilocal residence and marry preferably with their uterine cousin crossed or parallel. Many apotropaic rites chant their lives. Kabylia is a mountainous region in northern Algeria that takes its name from the Berber populations it shelters. It is a preserved place for tourists in Algeria, counting many national parks.
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