Eksê to yo ke lîlik de  Na tewr şîîra mina baş a  Lez bike, ez vînî beno  Vatişê mino peyen: ez to ra hes keno
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Zazaki poem, translated by by Bîlal Nêribij

The poem translation into zazaki (zaza, kirmancki, kirdki, dimli, dimilki), an Indo-European language of the Iranian group. This Kurdish dialect is spoken by the Zazas in southern Kurdistan and Turkey. There are perhaps 1.5 million Zazas to practice this language, one finds them in the east of the country. Their diaspora is large in number, in many European countries. Young Zaza woman my love poem is for you! The Kurds are a forgotten people, an ethnic group divided over several countries (Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria).
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