Berber love poem

ⴰⵡⵍⴰⴼ ⵏⵎ ⵖ ⵜⵉⵙⵉ ⴰⴷ ⵙⵜ ⵉⴳⴰⵏ ⵜⴰⵎⴷⵢⴰⵣⵜ ⵉⵏⵓ ⵍⵍⵉ ⵢⴰⴽⵯ ⵉⴼⵓⵍⴽⵉⵏ ⵀⴰⵔⵔⵓⴽⵎ ⵉⵖ ⵢⴰⴼⵓⴷ ⵔⵉⵖⴽ ⵎ ⵉⴳⵯⵔⴰⵏ ⴰ ⵔⴰⴷ ⵉⴳ

Translated into Tamazight by Maysar
Audio Sarah

With latins letters

Awlaf-nm gh tisi ad st igan

Tamdyazt-inu lli yakw ifulkin

Harrukm igh yafud

Righk m igwran a rad ig

Original version
Poem the mirror

Berber dialect

This little love poem is translated into a Berber dialect (tamazight). There are three Amazigh dialects in Morocco, tashelhiyt, riffian, and tamazight. This translation with the tifinagh alphabet (here circular) can be understood by the 3 communities. This berber language of center Atlas is spoken by 4 million people. It also can be write with the Arabic or Latin alphabets. If I have arranged my poem, here in a circular form, it is because sometimes one finds the tamazight, written in tifinagh like this.


Romans called them the Moors, but it is probably the word "barbarian" that was taken up by the Arabs to give their name. Their origin is unknown, but we can say that they are the first known inhabitants of North Africa, a region that will be subjected to many invasions: Phecicians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs, Turks, Europeans. If they could keep their identity after millennia agitated, it is surely linked to the territory they inhabit (mountains and desert).

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